Margaret Tebbut Foundation is a non-autonomous foundation under Liana (NGO). It was established on the 19th April 2022 when Liana received a gift donation with the wish to establish the Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to financing activities that are aligned with Liana’s purpose and values, with preference given to activities related to generating and using knowledge and skills. Activities may be located anywhere (for example in Finland or in developing countries).

Activities financed by the Foundation may be:

  • Liana’s own activities
  • Activities by an individual attached to Liana (e.g. a student, volunteer or an intern who becomes a Liana member) to whom Liana gives a grant
  • Activities by another organisation with whom Liana becomes a partner or to whom Liana gives a grant.

The Foundation accepts applications for funding only as a response to a call for proposals.